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JETSTREAM ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (originally Jetstream Wind, Inc.) was formed in New Mexico in 2008.  The company focuses on the development of cost effective reliable solutions for the generation/creation of electricity, clean water, and hydrogen as fuel or for industrial processes.  While committed to an ethically and environmentally responsible approach to doing business, the Company is also guided by a practical business model that reinforces commercial viability.  The company maintains its R&D manufacturing facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And sources parts and components from the world’s leading suppliers.  Jetstream systems are designed for rapid manufacturing and implementation, and the company’s systems and output is highly scalable, cost efficient and can be easily shipped anywhere in the world.  Jetstream is introducing its NewGen® 7 system, a small-scale system for residential and commercial applications. NewGen® has been designed to produce up to two times the power for less cost than typical photovoltaic panel systems.

JETSTREAM’s mission is to be the low cost producer of the world’s best high efficiency solar energy equipment.


Jetstream’s senior management team consists of company founders who have complementary backgrounds in engineering, research and development, prototyping, finance, government relations, marketing, sales, administration and public relations.  They include:

Henry P. Herman, Founder and CEO
Over the past two decades, Mr. Herman has designed more than 3,000 prototypes for industry, formed an international consortium of energy-conscious individuals developing renewable energy opportunities, and directed the acquisition and development of several renewable energy properties.  Mr. Herman founded Jetstream in 2008.  Prior to founding Jetstream, he was President and Chief Executive Officer for the Chicago-based Millennium Design Group where he oversaw the integration of large-scale governmental and commercial prototypical engineering processes. He also served as the lead government-contracting liaison for Plynetics Express—the world’s largest rapid prototyping firm—where he coordinated various civilian corporations with NASA, DARPA, and the U.S. Navy. His responsibilities included procuring, managing and facilitating United States military and federal government level rapid-prototyping design and development contracts.                                                                                       

Craig Wycoff, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Wycoff brings to Jetstream more than 30 years professional experience in investment and merchant banking, manufacturing and distribution, and as an owner of successful start-up and development enterprises as well as managing large complex companies, mergers and acquisitions. He previously was Managing Director of Corporate Acquisitions Inc., a Dallas, Texas based merchant and investment banking firm that focused on acquisition and development of various manufacturing and distribution companies. CAI was recognized in the industry for its high-end, quality corporate transactions including those involving The Dr. Pepper Company and the FreightMaster Division of The Halliburton Company. His firm acted as a merchant banker, then principal owners overseeing all aspects of corporate development and operations of the newly acquired companies. 

In addition to its strong core of inside managers and dedicated associates, the Jetstream Team also includes specialists in the fields of high voltage transmission, electrical and civil engineering, energy security and threat assessment, tribal relations, environmental conservation, carbon credit brokering, business development and general contracting. Jetstream has a proven ability to complement its internal management capacity with an efficient use of external consultants as required.

MEET OUR ADVISORY BOARD:  Jetstream will be introducing its distinguished Advisory Board soon!